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We have made it our bible, to travel together, have fun and grow. Our soul purpose once we became parents was to share the BIG world with Riley. Why? well why not, but also we wanted to live an extraordinary life showing him that he too has this choice. Now after 37 countries we can see our 5 year old has soaked every single moment in and has a beautiful adventurous heart. Alba 2, has joined the crew. loving her brother and absolutely loving her kombi, she too has a heart full of wanderlust. 

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Island dream 🏝Sometimes a little tropical island is the answer. After our trip around the Whitsundays on the boat we headed to the beautiful @daydreamislandresort for a few chill days. This little island is just so great for kids with lots for them to see and do. We had a ball 😊 @playtravelau has made holidaying loads easier with @afterpayau and @planpay available on your next adventure!
We saw whales! So this was our second last day on the boat, we pulled into this little island and spent the day swimming, snorkelling and paddle boarding 🏖 Our whole trip we all just wanted to see whales so bad but hadn’t yet and just as we were about to leave bang! We spotted this beautiful mum, dad and baby calf swimming straight past 🙏 Was the most beautiful end to our trip and so peaceful to watch. Check out the last video for a look 😊 @queenslandyachtcharters @dreamyachtcharter @whitsundaysqld
I was recently asked in an interview “what I would hope to leave as my legacy?”
It’s such a bold question and I was kinda like wow! Am I old enough to have a legacy? But with some thought I realised, I do hope I have encouraged families to travel and to love Mother Nature. And with this it makes my heart so happy to talk about @outlanddenim x @montanalower who are working together to bring awareness to the ethics surrounding fashion. High-hopes is a 70s inspired capsule that is positively made... What made this extra cool was @montanalower iron on patches to make your denim uniquely yours 🌈 ✌️
I love the ocean and even tho it’s been a bit cool up this way especially with the wind, the minute you get in, you are so glad you did 🙏That feeling after a good dip in the big blue just can’t be beaten 😊
We’ve seriously been dreaming about crushing the Whitsundays for so long & pinching ourselves that we made it here ☀️ it has by far exceeded our expectations 🙏 The constant beauty you witness makes this place just indescribable 🙌 Australia and it’s so many vast landscapes just continues to leave me speechless 👌 @queenslandyachtcharters @dreamyachtcharter
What is it with having sandy toes, salty skin and being sun kissed that’s so addictive? @queenslandyachtcharters @dreamyachtcharter @whitsundaysqld
The ultimate beach to kick back, relax and have a cold beer! Most definitely one of my favourite stretches of sand in Australia 🇦🇺 What’s your favourite?
@dreamyachtcharter @queenslandyachtcharters @whitsundaysqld
How’s this guy literally thanking the heavens we’re on this boat for the next few days 🙏 Lock hasn’t stopped smiling and is loving every single moment 😊 Our first night on the boat the kids were zonked after a big day swimming 💤 So we made a little platter, poured a glass of wine and watched a beautiful sunset right here together 💕I absolutely cherish moments with just the two of us because it doesn’t happen to much anymore 😉 @queenslandyachtcharters  @dreamyachtcharter  @whitsundaysqld
It’s always hard leaving this old girl, she is just so special to us 😊 originally our plan was to head from the Kimberley’s back to the east coast but last minute we changed our plans and stored her in Darwin as we’ve got a few more things we want to see in the NT 🙌 So now we’re in the beautiful Whitsundays and headed on a boat for a few days. Can’t wait to share this experience with you all 💕